How to Be a Better Packer

For as long as I can remember, my holidays have included crazy amounts of traveling. I have family members spread across the country. It’s definitely a blessing and a curse. It can be tricky relying on planes, trains, and automobiles- and I’m almost guaranteed to get sick. It is, however, worth all the trouble just to be with family. Plus, I get to see all sorts of different places, which is really just fun. With all this experience, the one thing that I have gotten down to a sort of science is packing.

When it comes to planning and prepping for a big trip, or multiple trips, there are certain things I constantly rely on. I’ve listed them below, in hopes that it might help you feel a little more confident when traveling in the future. I find that knowing my suitcase is set and that there’s no way I’m forgetting anything lifts a huge weight off my shoulders.

ONE// Make a Couple Lists

I’m always using notebooks, pads of paper, and most recently, google docs, when it comes to planning for trips. Packing lists and itineraries are a must when staying organized. It’s also important to note things like weather, events, and key pieces which can be used or worn day to day. It’s definitely better to be over prepared. 

TWO// Rely on Key Pieces

Having a few pieces that work interchangeably with various outfits can minimize the amount of clothing you need to pack. A great pair of jeans, a comfortable sweater, a pair of comfy shoes- it’ll make your trip a lot easier to have all those options on hand.

THREE// Consider What’s Easiest

Most travel, especially air travel, requires lots of walking, carrying, and potentially running. That being said, backpacks and rolling suitcases are some of the easier ways to carry and move things while traveling. Having your hands free is incredibly useful. When travel documents are needed, this is especially true. Plus, I personally find it a lot comfier to carry something on my back rather than in my arms.

FOUR// Keep the Small Stuff Consistent

I’ve found it easiest to keep toiletries, makeup, pajamas, workout clothes, and other essentials consistent when traveling. This becomes especially true when you have multiple trips, one after another. Keeping certain sample size products together at all times will save you from the awful reality of forgetting shampoo or a toothbrush. Furthermore, depending on how long your trip is, packing just one or two pairs of pajamas and workout clothes, which you know you’ll need, can simplify things.

FIVE// Wear Bulky Items

If you’ve got a great pair of boots, or a pretty winter coat, your best bet is to wear them when traveling. I find difficulty packing both. While this may increase how bulky your travel outfit is, it will definitely give you more packing space. 

Let me know if you’ve got any packing tips you rely on. I hope that these might help you in any future travels you have!



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