Viewed and Reviewed: 13 Scary Movies

My sister and I are horror film fanatics. We’ve corrupted my father enough that whenever there’s some new, potentially terrifying movie out in theatres, we’re all there. In October specifically, giving into your fears seems all the more welcomed, considering Halloween closes out the month. I personally love the feeling of being scared and the thirteen movies I listed below are the best in doing so. When I originally came up with the idea for this post, I texted my sister to get her input. Within a minute we had the list down. I hope this list helps, especially if you’re looking for a great horror film to get you in the Halloween spirit.

Side Note: You may have noticed that IT isn’t on here, and that is because I actually haven’t had a chance to see it. However, I’ve been hearing great things, and my sister and I have a viewing night set the moment we’re back home and it’s out on DVD. However I’m guessing that it would easily make this list.

ONE// The Babadook

This is a great movie (available on Netflx!) about a little boy’s storybook coming to life. Full of suspense and terror, this one will definitely make you jump.

TWO// Scream

A cult classic, Scream combines a clever script that is both comedic and frightening with a killer plot. You’ll find yourself invested in the characters (gotta love Dewey) while waiting for the next one to be killed off.

THREE// The Conjuring

A film taking place in Rhode Island, which is all the more fun for me. This dark story of possession and the destruction of a family’s sanity is enough to give anyone nightmares.

FOUR// Insidious

Another case of demons possessing children. The music in this one gets me – “Tiptoe Through the Tulips” will never be the same. Prepare yourself for some devilish special effects that will make your skin crawl.

FIVE// The Ring

I have fond memories of watching this movie back in middle school. A (slightly) tamer film for those new to the genre, full of twists, turns, and suspense. They came out with a remake earlier this year, but I’m hesitant to watch it, seeing as the original is just so good.

SIX// The Uninvited

While this film is less horror, I had to include it in here. Sometimes you just need a really good psychological thriller. The characters are spot on and keeping you guessing up until the final twist, one you will never see coming.

SEVEN// Poltergeist

My mom put this one on for us during a middle school Halloween party and I’m pretty sure a few kids went home to sleep in their parents beds. Another classic film about a child being controlled by a demonic presence. They never get old. (Note: I did see the remake, and while it is not the original, it wasn’t terrible)

EIGHT// The Descent

If you’re claustrophobic, this film will get under your skin. A group lost on a spelunking adventure get sucked below ground, into a world of supernatural forces no one could have imagined.

NINE// Hush

What do you get when you cross a blind woman, isolated in the woods, and a psychotic killer? A great horror movie. I think the quietness is one of the scariest parts. You’ll be rooting for the character throughout.

TEN// Oculus

Another psychological thriller that will force you to think. It’s important to pay close attention, in order to catch all the details. However, you may never want to look in a mirror again.

ELEVEN// Carrie

The first Rated-R movie I ever saw. What a fabulous, classic film. Simple and terrifying; they just don’t make them like they used to.

TWELVE// The Forest

This story is based off a forest where people go to commit suicide – need I say more? The main character’s quest to find her sister keeps you trapped, and it almost feels like you start to go crazy as she does.

THIRTEEN// Silence of the Lambs

Can you quote any of the lines? God knows I can. Downright brilliant film. If you haven’t seen it, watch it. That is all.

So tell me, what’s your favorite scary movie?





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