New Hair, Don’t Care 

As a child, I was the girl with super long hair and blunt bangs. In fourth grade, I grew them out, mirroring my friends. Bangs weren’t ‘cool’ anymore; too childish. I wore a ratty pink headband for half a year.

In highschool, I got bangs again. Then, my boyfriend at the time, informed me that he hated bangs. I still remember how it felt as I sat, phone in hand, pulling on my newly cut fringe.

Why do women consistently hate getting their hair cut? 

It’s all about perspective. Today I went to the salon and once again had bangs cut, because I wanted to. I needed a change. All month I’ve been researching, finding pictures, but all morning I was anxious. It’s silly; it’s just hair. I’m highly aware of that fact and I even said it to the hair dresser: “Do what you think is best. If it turns out poorly, we’ll just try something else.” Thankfully, I’m very happy with the results. But here’s the important part, the part I wish I could tell my younger self:

If someone else isn’t, it doesn’t matter. 

Styles change. People like different things. We have a responsibility to understand that and find beauty in everything, regardless on how a person’s looks compares or contrasts with our own. Further, we should focus less on appearances and more on the people behind them. I could continue on this topic for days, but I won’t. Instead, I’m going to go off and experiment with my new hairstyle and leave you with a cliche we should all remember.

A little kindness always goes a long way. 

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  1. tom wrote:

    Bangs Rule

    Posted 8.18.16 Reply


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