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Feels Like Home – September Playlist

Happy September! After a brief hiatus from blogging, I’m coming back with more content, more inspiration, and more intent than ever; change always seems to motivate me. Does anyone else think that summer flew by? It feels like only days ago I was hiking in the woods with my pup, eating peaches off my grandfather’s tree, and napping in the sunshine. While fall is my favorite season, there are so many sweet little summer memories I always hold onto after I’ve gone back to school to start the new year. All the changes that accompany the beginning of September can…

New Year, New Blog

A very happy new year to you all! I can’t believe the holiday season is over and it’s officially 2017. I always appreciate the fresh start that comes with switching the calendar from December to January, and while resolutions tend to get a bad rap, I think it’s important to take a moment to assess where you were, where you are, and where you want to be. A new year is like a blank slate; you get to make it anything you want. I love having this blog as a creative outlet, but I’m particularly excited that I now host it:…

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