Newport’s Off-Season Specials For Locals

Every local knows that Newport is the place to be during the off-season. The weather might not be warm and the scenery might be a little grey but boy, is our little town cozy when there’s no one around. If the winter blues have you a bit down and you’re feeling the need for a pick-me-up, check out the following Newport Off-Season Specials catered perfectly to the local crowd. There’s plenty of ways to wine and dine on a budget, along with a few activities to help beat the cold.  La Forge Casino – Dinner for two and a bottle…

Caitlin’s Confections: Carrot Ginger Loaf

With the cold weather settling in, I’m spending my evenings in the kitchen baking for the purpose of using our oven to heat our tiny apartment. Plus, having warm treats in the house is a major mood lifter (hygee anyone?) Today’s recipe came about because my mother gifted me a set of loaf pans for Christmas. Her reasoning: maybe I’d stop borrowing hers! Also, my father got me a new KitchenAid food processor which has an awesome attachment that makes grating vegetables a dream! I love sneaking vegetables into baked goods. Zucchini and carrot breads are some of my favorite…

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52 Books in 52 Weeks: Girl, Wash Your Face

One of my goals for 2020 is to read more. What better way than to commit to reading one book a week? 52 books in 52 weeks and I’ll be sharing every single one on the blog, every Sunday. Check in for my latest reads and recommendations. Boy, am I glad that Girl, Wash Your Face was my first read of this year. I may be jumping on the bandwagon a little late but wow, I loved this book. Ryan’s mom passed it on to me after reading and liking it and I was excited. I had heard about Rachel…

Year of Joy – New Year’s Resolutions

I’m the kind of person who loves New Year’s Resolutions. After the chaos of the holidays, there’s a much needed opportunity for re-setting things in your life. I think it’s important to be constantly reflecting, but I find that having a new timeline to work on new goals is huge for my personal motivation. Last year was weird in the sense that I turned twenty three and started the second year of my career. I feel like I’m on the brink, teetering between the just-out-of-college stage and the holy-crap-I’m-an-adult stage. I’m in the middle at the what-the-heck-is-going-on stage and it’s…


January at a Glance

January is one of my favorite months. Things go from bright and festive to calm and cozy and life regains some sense of normality. Most days, I don’t find the cold to be much of a bother and if there’s snow? Even better. The days are short but filled with a renewed sense of focus at work and an ease at home. Nights are best spent cooking warm meals and cuddling on the couch under a blanket. Then, take the weekend and run with it. There are plenty of outdoor activities in New England to keep you occupied. One Goal:…

Merry Christmas!

A very Merry Christmas to you and your family. It’s just hit mid-day, there’s wrapping paper scattered across the floor, and Miracle on 34th Street is playing on the TV. It’s been one of those Christmases that feels like a Christmas when I was a kid. I’ve been celebrating for a few days now (anyone else out there have multiple Christmases?) but the spirit is still strong. I hope that your day is full of peace and joy and I wish you a few quiet days ahead, before we jump headfirst into the New Year. Merry Christmas!

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