How to Spend 36 Hours in NYC

I try my hardest to visit my best friend Erin in New York City once every fall. This past weekend was a quick trip, but we definitely made the most of the 36 hours we had in the city. In the past, I always took Amtrak into the city, but recently, I’ve found it so much easier to drive to Connecticut and take Metro North into Grand Central. It’s a much less expensive trip and very simple travel. Plus, it’s always fun entering NYC through Grand Central. Erin and her college friends had reserved us tickets for the last weekend…

My Favorite Skin Saving Secret

For the last month, I’ve been sitting on a new skin saving secret that I finally feel ready to share with confidence. I feel like skincare is tough because it’s so different for everyone. Everyone struggles with their own skin problems- too oily, too dry, breakouts, wrinkles, etc. I’ve tried product after product looking for something that consistently works for me. Now that I’ve found it, I’m hoping it might work for you. I can honestly say that in the past month, my skin has never looked or felt better and it’s all due to a little green bottle. Weleda…

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My name is Caitlin Wirth and I would like to welcome you to my creative outlet, A Life (Wirth) Living. I post all about my life- style, books, education, inspiration, travel, friends and family.

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How to Spend 48 Hours in Newport

Earlier in the summer, we made plans for Ryan’s parents to come down to Newport for a weekend in September. Our hope was that the tourists would be gone but the weather would still be nice enough that we could bring them around to explore our little coastal hometown. While we were planning the things we wanted to do, I couldn’t help think that I had to share our weekend itinerary on here, for anyone interested in planning a quick trip to Newport. Friday If you only have the weekend, it is best to come into Newport early Friday afternoon…

Playlist 06

My newest playlist has been accompanying me on my drive to work every morning. I find that starting the day with a few really good songs helps me adjust from my mornings at home to the mad rush that starts the moment I enter my classroom. I was having a conversation with a friend the other day about how universal folk music is. The smooth, soft melodies and plucky rhythms seem to satisfy even the harshest of critics. It doesn’t have to be your favorite- it’s still easy to listen to. Playlist .06 has a solid mix of tempos. I…


Bloom & Grow

If I’m being honest, September has been a difficult month for me. Our school year started in chaos, which means a lot of my energy is expended during the day, just trying to keep a positive attitude for my students. Writing about it now, I have to admit, it’s taking its toll. Furthermore, with my days scheduled with work again, I’m finding that I’m struggling to balance health, exercise, friends, travel, family, etc. I try my best to keep a positive perspective on this blog, but I also want to be genuine, and at the moment I feel like I’m…

London Itinerary Part 3

This is the final post for our London Itinerary and the final post for our European trip in full. Only took me two months.. whoops. We knew that being in London meant we had to visit Buckingham Palace. It’s a spot where you stand with all the other tourists to get a quick photo, but also a spot that holds so much significance to the country. Another spot of significance that was suggested to us time and time again was the Tower of London. My grandmother was adamant that we had to see the crown jewels and we were glad…

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