Lessons Wirth Learning: The Best Teacher Shoes

During the school year, I live in my Danskos. Seriously- I have their professional clogs in honey and in black and if I’m in the classroom, I’m either wearing one or the other. They are hands down the comfiest teacher shoes I have ever worn.

Half way through last year my feet were killing me by the end of the school day. I was so frustrated that none of the cute ballet flats and sneakers I had, had any support! A friend, who is also a teacher, suggested Danskos which I had heard about. However, I never bit the bullet due to the price tag. Honestly, they are well worth the money and for a solid pair of everyday shoes, they really aren’t that expensive.

I love the non-slip quality of these and personally, I think they look nice! They aren’t the most stylish item in my closet but they’re very versatile and when you’re on your feet all day, function trumps fashion.

If you’re a teacher or if you’re on your feet frequently for work, I would highly suggest investing in a pair. They are sturdy and last which is a great quality in the world of “fast fashion” that we live in. 10/10 in my book.

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