Lessons Wirth Learning: Apple Watch Review for Teachers

I had this Apple Watch in my Amazon cart for awhile. I would take it out, put it back in, ask myself if I really thought I needed it. Then, one weekend in August, I went home and three of my teacher (and best) friends had bought the exact same one. I was sold.

I have to say, it may not be my most used piece of tech, but I really enjoy wearing my Apple Watch. I love that I can ask Siri to set an alarm so that my kiddos don’t miss recess. Tracking my steps and standing time is a breeze. Plus, I finally have something that tells me the time on my wrist! It’s fun in the classroom to use the “breathe” app and helpful to control our music from my wrist.

Not having to check my phone has also been a game changer, for texting especially! I don’t like to text during the school day and my Apple Watch let’s me double check that nothing is an emergency when it comes in. I have to be careful though, that I do end up responding to texts I’ve viewed later.

I don’t have cellular with my Apple Watch, which I don’t feel like I need because my phone is always around. However, this helps me disconnect a little. I would highly suggest getting a little plastic case for the screen if, like me, you bang into things frequently.

I would say my biggest “pro” for the Apple Watch is that I don’t have to do things on my phone as much. It’s so much quicker to tap the timer on my wrist than unlock my screen, cycle through my apps, etc. Plus- my phone doesn’t recognize my face in a mask. Come on Apple, get on that one!

Overall, I use it a lot. That makes it a great tool in my book.

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