Playlist 12

We’re slowing things down as we ease into September. Work is picking back up which means all other elements of life are going to take a hit. Life is all about balance and I find that music helps give me a moment of peace of mind and stillness. I’m not one to sit and meditate in silence. I like the noise and the human connection a great song offers.

Graceland Too – Phoebe Bridgers

August – Taylor Swift

Going Home – the Aces

Middle of the Night Mind – Kate Voegele

Hold on Tight – Alec Blacc

Mountain Song – Little Chief

Moving Mountains – The Brevet

Never Be Ourselves – Savannah Conley

See Ya Soon – Tiz McNamara

Beautiful Boy – Gillian Welch

Olivia – Dirk Powell

Are You Listening? – Lera Lynn

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