Easy, At Home Sustainability Strategies

Last week I posted about Earth-friendly activities to keep you occupied during quarantine. Today, I’m talking easy, at home sustainability strategies! There are so many small changes you can make at home to have a positive impact on our world.

April 22nd is Earth Day and I’ve dubbed this April Earth Month so why not show our planet a little extra love by even just doing one of the following five things. I think you’ll realize that once you start, it’s easier than you think to be sustainable!

Pre-Sort Your Recycling

This one matters most if you don’t have single stream recycling, because in that case, plastic and paper really can’t mix. If they do, the load collected can’t be recycled! What a waste! Similarly, even if you do have single stream recycling, one wrong item in the bin and that recycling can’t be used either. It’s such a shame, especially when pre-sorting your recycling and putting in a little extra care and attention is so easy.

Lessen Your Food Waste

Think about the meals your making and what is getting left behind. Whether it’s food-scraps or simply leftovers, waste is waste! Ryan and I try to cook consciously so that we don’t let items we buy go bad and that all leftovers are eaten at some point before they spoil. It’s so much better when food is in your belly, instead of the trash.

Change Out Your Light Bulbs

I never thought about this one until Ryan told me how he switched out all our old apartment light bulbs for LEDs. He mainly wanted them for light, but there was also a huge environmental benefit to switching old halogen bulbs for LED, Earth friendly bulbs. First, they use much less energy and second, they last so much longer!

Power Down

Similar to light bulbs, powering down electronics and appliances can save major amounts of electricity. My rule of thumb is if I’m not using it, it doesn’t need to be on! I’ve also been avoiding charging my phone overnight- although I’ve heard mixed reports on this one. If you have more info, let me know!

Cloth Instead of Paper

My grandma uses cloth napkins at her house, and while it causes a bit more laundry, it saves so much paper! Think about how many napkins and paper towels you use throughout the day. Now, think how manageable it would be to use a towel instead. At home, Ryan and I have colored towels for drying dishes and hands and white towels for wiping surfaces, using cleaning products, etc. It’s kind of a silly system but our towels last so much longer for what we need them for.

Do you have any sustainable strategies to add to my list? Throw them down in the comments below! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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