Earth-Friendly Activities to Keep You Occupied During Quarantine

Don’t mind me, just staring up at the thirty foot tall pine trees in our backyard (maybe that’s an exaggeration- I’m really bad at judging distances, but they’re also HUGE)

Anyone going stir-crazy out there? No, just me? Cool.

All joking aside, I think this time at home is wearing everyone down. However, it’s April, which is Earth month, so I wanted to offer you six Earth-friendly activities to keep you occupied during quarantine. I hope that even one makes your week a little brighter. Just think, helping the planet helps you and the people around you. We’ll all get a little bit better together.

Start a Compost

So much of your food waste from home can be composted! I’m planning a more extensive post on this soon (see: sometime this year, ha) but it’s as easy as collecting scraps of fruits and vegetables from your kitchen. Mix that into a bucket with paper towels, hair from your hair brush, and leaves from your yard. BOOM, COMPOST. Okay, also add heat, a bit of water, and time, but then BOOM (pause) COMPOST.


This is a time to put the credit card away and up-cycle things you’ve already got at home! Old pair of jeans? Embroider or patch them up! Scuffed up piece of furniture? Re-finish or re-paint the heck out of that thing. Reduce, REUSE, and up-cycle.

Start a Book Exchange

I love paper books. I find it so difficult to read over technology but where there are books there are trees being cut down to make paper (not to mention production utilities, trucks for transporting, etc..)

It isn’t always easy to be an eco-friendly book lover, but here’s one idea. Start a book exchange with your closest friends. Or, start a neighborhood ‘little library.’ You know, the ones that people post about all over Instagram. Find a way to get your old paper books into the hands of someone new!

Get Your Body Moving

Move. Your. Body. And then do it again! Not only is movement great for your muscles but it’s great for your mind (which, technically is a muscle, so..)

Moving your body is easy, it’s free, and it means that you aren’t moving other things (think cars) that pollute our world. If you need to get out of the house, take yourself for a walk. Just a simple motion will help you reset.

Try Out a Plant Based Diet (Or Meatless Monday)

I get that this one isn’t for everyone (see, I put a Meatless Monday option!) but there are environmental benefits to eating a plant based diet. If you’re even a bit curious, maybe give it a try for a week. Maybe try observing Meatless Monday and doing one night a week. Otherwise, there’s no time like the present to take the plunge! My dad and I were just talking about how a lot of people don’t like eating vegetarian/vegan because they don’t know how to cook vegetation/vegan. So, get yourself a really good cookbook (MOOSEWOODS) and hunker down.

Start a Garden

Want to avoid the anxiety of the grocery store? Grow your food at home! We’re getting into the opportune time to start seeds indoors so that they are ready for planting in a few months. Use an egg carton and a little bit of soil to get those babies going and with a little patience, you’ll have plants in no time. Now, if we could only manufacture toilet paper at home…

I hope that this post made you smile. There’s a lot going on in the world, and sometimes we have to fight to keep a positive perspective. I hope everyone is staying safe and keeping busy. Got any more Earth-friendly activities you’ve been relying on to stay busy? Share them in the comments below.

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