Ten Positive Things to Do, Starting Today

With the state of the world today, we all need a little extra positivity in our lives. Sometimes, you just have to laugh at things. For example, yesterday was the first day of spring, and it looked like this outside..

I’ve compiled a list of ten things I want to start doing TODAY. Ten positive things that I think will make the days go easier, make everyone smile wider, and make the world turn a little smoother.

Social distancing provides time for reflection, so if you don’t like my list, write one of your own! The goal is to do something. Take action where you can- gain back control! It’s my hope that it will help.

Ten Positive Things To Do, Starting Today

One. Only offer advice when asked

Two. Listen to someone completely before giving an answer

Three. Let other people feel the way they feel

Four. Consider that someone is doing the best they think they can and not the best you think they can

Five. Donate time and resources to those in need

Six. Be the one to reach out first

Seven. If a situation (or text conversation) is getting heated, take a deep breath and step away for sixty seconds

Eight. Write a list of ten dreams for the future (and write them as if they’ve already come true!)

Nine. Get off your butt and get moving

Ten. Remind yourself that everything will get better with time

We’re all in this together- now let’s start acting like it! Who’s with me?

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