Caitlin’s Confections: Healthy Fudgy Dark Chocolate Brownies

After all the baking I did in January, Ryan challenged me to bake something a little healthier. Cue: brownies made with avocados.

Hear me out! They’re actually pretty darn amazing. For instance, you don’t taste the avocado at all. The cocoa powder is strong enough overpower the other flavors and it gives it a rich, chocolate taste. Plus, the avocado keeps the brownies incredibly moist. I will say that these are a fudgy brownie, not a cakey brownie, but for me, that doesn’t matter in the least. I was surprised by how brownie-like they taste and I suggest keeping them refrigerated.

These definitely aren’t as sweet as a typical brownie, but as a healthy alternative, I’m not complaining! Curb that sweet tooth of yours and enjoy the healthy fats without the guilt.


2 avocados

1/2c honey

2tsp vanilla

2 eggs

1/2c cocoa powder

1/2c almond flour

pinch of salt


In a food processor, blend avocados, honey, and vanilla thoroughly until smooth. Then, whisk your eggs until frothy and slowly add your avocado mixture. Once combined, mix in your cocoa powder and almond flour with a wooden spoon without over mixing. When batter is smooth, spread into a parchment paper covered pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes, until a knife comes out clean. Allow to cool completely and then refrigerate until serving.

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