Getting Our Christmas Tree

I believe strongly that Christmas should not begin until after Thanksgiving. That being said, Thanksgiving was last week.

Bring on the holly and the jolly.

One of my favorite things to do to kick off the holiday season is to cut down and decorate a Christmas tree. This is the second year Ryan and I have put up a tree in his (now our) apartment. Both times, Sweet Berry Farm in Middletown supplied our tree. We were considering just grabbing a tree from Home Depot, but none were up to par. Plus, it’s always nice to support a local farm.

It took us an absurdly long time to pick out a tree, but in the end, we found the perfect one. Ryan cut it down in less than a minute (for the record, I could have also done it!) and then we got to work strapping it on my car.

Realistically, I should get a roof rack. However, I’m sort-of used to strapping trees to cars haphazardly. In college, we used to tie our trees down with twine and then drive them on the highway! Thankfully, Ryan remembered to grab our kayak straps. We could bring our tree home- set and secure.

I’m pretty sure we destroyed a few of our blinds getting the tree in the house. For some reason, Newport houses have the tiniest doorways! Nevertheless, we persisted and after a little more sawing and some tree-stand preparation, we had our beautiful tree propped in the corner of our living room.

Here’s Ryan’s tip for adding lights: don’t bother stringing them all the way around. Instead, loop them in a “u” shape while covering the entire tree. The tree still looks completely covered and he says it makes taking the lights off a breeze!

I went a little over-board last year during an after Christmas sale at Marshals and bought four sets of baubles. However, we used every single one on our tree this year! We opened a bottle of wine, put on some classic Christmas music, and kept checking on the snow that was falling lightly outside. Talk about a picture perfect way to start December.

This morning, the first thing I did when I woke up was turn on the tree. This afternoon, the first thing I did when I got home was turn on the tree. Even now as I type this, I can’t help sneaking a peak and smiling. Something about the lights and the shine brings the spirit of the season home.

Now, onto my next holiday task.. gingerbread cookies.

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  1. Aunt Bunny wrote:

    What a beautiful tree Sweetie! You and Ryan are celebrating the Christmas season just perfectly! Enjoy every minute of this festive season! Loveyou😘

    Posted 12.3.19 Reply


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