Month: November 2019


Packing for a Winter Hike

This past weekend, Ryan’s family hosted us at the Zealand Falls Hut in New Hampshire. We rented out the hut for the night on Saturday, hiking in early and out the next day. It was a crazy experience, to say the least, considering that the temperatures were below freezing and…

Postcards from Zealand

This post is dedicated to Tim Ellis who is an avid reader and supporter of this blog (“I hit like, like, like, like, like”) and who never fails to make us all laugh. Hi Tim! 🙂 What. A. Weekend. I am going to start this post off by saying, I…

Caitlin’s Confections: Grandma Barbie’s Pumpkin Bread

During the holidays, we all look forward to my grandmother’s pumpkin bread. She packs multiple loaves in her suitcase and they travel with her across the country. Let’s just say, her luggage is a whole lot lighter when she leaves. I’ve never been able to get over how good her…

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