Listen Up: My Favorite Podcasts At the Moment

Typically, I reserve podcasts for long car rides and late nights when I’m doing laundry. They’re captivating and with the range of genres available, there really is something for everyone. I got hooked listening to true crime podcasts at the beach, but now I find that there is an array of hosts I can turn to when I’m looking for some entertainment.

My Favorite Murder

It’s a strange thing to combine humor and crime, but in this case, it works. Karen and Georgia are amazing hosts and the stories they tell are captivating. My sister and I love true crime and we can’t get enough of these two. Their delivery is always on point and their advice is second to none- “stay out of the woods” and “you can’t trust anyone.” If you haven’t heard of this show, I highly recommend you check it out immediately.

Call Her Daddy

Okay, disclaimer- this is a trash podcast. It’s a guilty pleasure, kind of like watching realty TV . You know you’re losing brain cells, but you just can’t stop. If I need something mind numbing, this is the show I put on. The hosts are constantly recounting poor decisions and giving the oddest advice on all kinds of taboo topics. If you’re a twenty-something, this one should at least entertain you.

Crime Junkie

A more serious crime podcast- Crime Junkie is where I go when I want a really in-depth look into something chilling. The recounts that the hosts give are startling and detailed. I love the variety in their episodes and that they label them by category: missing, murdered, serial killer. I think Crime Junkie might actually be the first podcast I ever listened to and I will definitely keep listening as long as they are recording.

The Ben Shapiro Show

I really only listen to Ben Shapiro because Ryan is a fan, but I find that when I do, I enjoy how he delivers political news through fact and figures. While Shapiro is much more conservative than I will ever claim to be, and is not shy about his opinions, he does a fair job discussing currently political situations.

Song Exploder

Personally, I love hearing the stories behind the songs I hear on the radio. There’s something so intimate about learning directly from the writer what was going through their head when verses and choruses came together. Song exploder does an amazing job of talking through the songs of some amazing artists. I first heard the podcast because they did an episode on Phoebe Bridgers and her song “Scott Street.” However, their episodes on Mumford and Sons, Bon Iver, the Decemberists, Fleetwood Mac, and Julien Baker are great as well. If you’re into music, especially folk, this is a podcast worth listening to.

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