Texas Itinerary Part 2

Our time in Texas was packed, to say the least. I wanted to bring my friends to all my favorite places, to partake in all the things I remember doing so frequently as a kid. We started Friday morning at the pool, soaking in the water and laying out. We had the most ideal weather the week we were in Texas, even despite the hundred degree temperatures. Honestly, by the end of the week, we were used to it.

After a morning in the sun, we made our way over to Grapevine, Texas. Walking down Main Street is such fun and there are so many little stores to explore. The city center is lively, there is plenty of parking, and the people are very welcoming.

On my mother’s recommendation, we then did a wine tasting at the Messina Hotel which was great. The wine was tasty and the pours were large, to say the least. While the bar space is small, it feels cozy and intimate. I especially liked that we could take our time, chatting between tastings without feeling rushed.

Friday night brought us out to Lone Star Park for some races. It was closing weekend and surprisingly empty, but that didn’t dissuade us from making a few wagers. I won on two horses that both came in second place and walked away with more than I started with, so I’m calling it a success. Growing up, I thought betting with quarters was fun. Who knew that actual money made things a bit more exciting.

After a packed Friday, the girls and I were ready for a bit of a slower weekend. We started Saturday off with a dine-in movie. The Lion King, reclining seats, and unlimited popcorn- what could be better?

We had tickets for the Mesquite Rodeo on Saturday night, one of my favorite events in Texas. You can see bull riding, cattle wrangling, and barrel racing. Best of all, there’s mutton busting, which is where they let children less than fifty five pounds ride a sheep for as long as they can stay on. It’s so much fun to sit in the stands and cheer on the cowboys and cowgirls, and you definitely can’t find a show like this on the east coast.

Sunday morning I challenged the girls to get out of their comfort zones and get on a horse. We did a two hour long trail ride at Marshall Creek Ranch on some of the sweetest horses. The trails were beautiful and shaded, which was necessary seeing as the temperature hit ninety before we hit the road. I had forgotten how much I love riding and I’m glad the girls enjoyed it as much as I did.

Our final afternoon in Texas was spent on Lake Grapevine. We took my grandparent’s motor boat out to the little island where we used to play as kids. I forgot how much fun it is speeding through the waves, floating in the lake, and waterskiing off the back.

I was laughing with my friends, talking about how we managed to do everything on our Texas trip that I wanted to do. It was great fun showing my friends all of the different things that make-up the Lone Star State. If you are considering a visit, I would highly recommend it, even if you think the weather looks hotter than bearable. You won’t be disappointed.

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