Read & Reviewed: Three Thrilling Mysteries

I’ve been getting the chance to read a bit more lately, which I love. However, if I’m going to get through a few pages a night and not fall asleep in bed, I need a book that really has my attention. I recently finished three thrilling mysteries that I have to share for their gut wrenching plots and incredible writing. I hope if you give them a try, you enjoy them as much as I did.

The Lying Game – Ruth Ware

This story follows four friends as they reconnect and cope with consequences of an event that occured when they were younger. I’m the kind of person who tries to figure out the twist before it is revealed and let me tell you, I was blind until the final pages on this one. Incredibly well written and gripping, The Lying Game tackles how friends, no matter how different, can be pulled together by secrets and lies. I connected strongly to the relationships portrayed in this story. It prompted me to consider the friendships I have and question how far I would go for the people I care most about.

The Trespasser – Tana French

I have been a fan of Tana French’s mystery novels ever since one of her stories was assigned in a college seminar class I attended. Her writing is brilliant and compelling, giving distinct attention to details that always come together in the end. The Trespasser is a bit of a slower read, without much shock and awe, but offers comment on true police investigation, media impact, and corruption. While the plot might not have you at the edge of your seat each chapter, the education provided by the story’s content is well worth it, and the story’s conclusion is incredibly satisfying.

Into the Water – Paula Hawkins

Paula Hawkins captured everyone’s attention with her novel The Girl on the Train and created a similarly horrifying story in Into the Water. One woman’s death, and its connection to the drowning of many, brings her sister back to her hometown and turns up already murky water. I personally loved the multiple perspectives in the story, following the plot through various characters. It was kind of like working on a puzzle- jumping back and forth and pulling pieces together. I most enjoyed how authentic and individual each character voice was and found it to be a truly enthralling read.

Have you read any good books lately? Let me know below in the comment, or if you have a thrilling mystery I just have to check out.

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