Bloom & Grow

Spring has finally touched every corner of New England and with it comes changes both obvious and discreet. School is moving full speed ahead until the last day, my to-do lists have grown, and the days are finally a bit brighter (when the rain gives us a rare break). As a science teacher, I do my best to instill the idea that the things in our world are constantly shifting and changing, especially people. That being said, I’m taking an activity I use with my students and bringing it here, to the blog. With new seasons, we need to observe and reflect. Selecting ways in which you’ve bloomed and ways in which you might grow is a guideline in which to do so. I hope as you read my list, you’ll consider trying it out for yourself.


  • This year I decided (in large part due to Ryan’s influence) to prioritize health and well-being. I knew I would have to start small, running a mile or so here, doing a few push-ups there. I am, however, happy to report that four months later, I can run five miles with ease and even do ten real pushups! It’s great to not only see results from working step by step but also to feel stronger. I’m still working towards my goal of one pull-up by the end of the summer (big goal, I know) and making sure I can keep my motivation consistent. Weight lifting is my next big endevor and I think I’m feeling ready for the challenge
  • As the school year begins to wrap up (six weeks left!) I find myself really proud of all the things I’ve accomplished in my first year of teaching. Sure, there are days where I want to cry, bang my head against a wall, and down a bottle of wine (yes mom, I know that’s not a good coping mechanism) but there are so many moments to feel elated about. We’ve been having standardized tests lately and it’s been really making me miss teaching science everyday. The questions the students ask and the conversations we have make all of us excited and curious. I’m going to be making the most of the next month and a half and doing my best to remember every moment of it.
  • Recently, I’ve been staying really busy. There are a few projects I’m working on and a few things I’ve invested myself in. It’s exciting to have worthwhile activities on my calendar, especially things that get me more involved in our community. I’m still looking for a few places to volunteer, but I figure I’ve got the summer and plenty of free time coming up.


  • Some days, I just need to slow down. Whether it’s the way my mind is processing or the way I’m physically moving, taking a pause and a breath would be a benefit. I remember working as a busser at a restaurant and the servers laughing because I bounced around the place, knowing I couldn’t run from table to table. I don’t know where I got in the habit of taking things at a rushed pace, but I think it would be better if I put a bit more energy into taking my time.

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