Winter Beach Walk

If it’s above freezing, you’ll find me outside most days. I would much rather bundle up and suffer from a chilled nose than be stuck inside the house. Basically, I’ve been living in my duffle coat. My best friend’s mom has taken to calling it a “sleeping bag” and she’s not wrong. It is perfect for staying warm on a winter beach walk. Sure, the trees aren’t as pretty and the scenery is a little bleak, but I find that the ocean is a quick cure to any dreary day.

Sachuest Point Nature and Wildlife Refuge is one of my favorite places to walk. The trails lead you into the brush and right by the shoreline. My dad and I will bike down in the summer and run along the paths and he always says, “Aren’t we lucky that this is where we live?” I can’t help but agree.

Most of the time, the trails are pretty empty. However, if you pass by someone, you can expect a friendly “hello,” or a brief conversation about the deer that frequent the fields. They’re so used to people, that sometimes when you’re walking, you look up to find them a few feet away, and you can actually smell them. However, the real attraction at Sachuest lately, has been the snowy owl.

I first heard about the snowy owl a few years ago. It brought birders from far and wide, but I was never there when it was out in the open. So, the other day when my sister and I pulled up and saw the crowd of people with their cameras, I sort of freaked out. Whenever you see a group of birders huddled together, it’s always a good sign.

I didn’t have a closer camera lens, but I have seen photos that neighbors, friends, and locals have taken. They are all incredible- and the bird is so big! It has certainly attracted many islanders to the refuge and for good reason. It’s not everyday you get to watch a snowy owl for a few hour. It was so nice to see it out in the open, and we tried our best not to bother it.

So, locals friends, what were your thoughts? Did you run to Sachuest as soon as you heard?

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