DIY Holiday Wreath

The other day, a friend of mine brought me a wedding centerpiece from a wedding she catered. She used to do this in college- we would wake up in the morning and our dorm would be full of flowers, and why not? Most of them get through out afterwards anyway! So, my friend delivered the flowers and stated “now you can mess around and make new arrangements.” She knows me well.

I pulled the flowers and created small bouquets, but the amount of leftover greenery was crazy. So, looking at all the branches spread across me counter, I decided I wanted to make a holiday wreath.

Making a wreath seems like an intense task. I’ve tried it before with fake branches and flowers and I never loved it. That being said- real is the way to go. They may not last long, especially if you include flowers, but they look so much better and they smell incredible.

After a little bit of googling, a few Youtube videos, and a trip to Michaels, I felt ready to begin. My advice for creating your own wreath- first, use a wire wreath base and 22-gauge paddle wire. It’s important to wrap the wire tight, but flexibility in movement and adjustments lets you fill empty spaces.

To start my wreath, I grouped my greenery into small bunches. The size of your wreath depends on how many bunches you have, which you can eye-ball pretty easily. Then, you simply begin attaching the bundles, placing them slightly over one another until your base is covered.

I believe using an array of various greenery makes your wreath look more interesting. I think it would also be great to add a few berry branches, or go out locally and collect branches from your yard or somewhere nearby. Varying the size of the leaves used adds dimension and it’s great to mix colors and textures.

My DIY’s this holiday have been minimal due to dealing with school and students and the chaos that really is the last few weeks before Christmas. However, I forgot how much I enjoy crafting and working with different materials. I felt a bit like Martha Stewart (minus the jail time) and it felt really good to have something I was proud of afterwards.

Do you make your own decorations for the holiday? How do you create a festive space in your home? As the countdown gets closer to Christmas, I’m ready to jump into the holidays headfirst. 

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