A Local’s Guide to Aquidneck Island, Part Two

Disclaimer: Aquidneck Island is a beautiful place to live, visit, and explore. However, before I begin breaking down the second part of my Local’s Guide, I would like you to consider this post I wrote. I feel that it is incredibly important to consider all aspects of wherever you happen to find yourself. It’s important to remember that while someone’s main concern may be choosing a dinner location or an activity to enjoy, someone else’s may be very different. That being said, part one of this Local’s Guide is breaking down all my favorite places to eaton Aquidneck Island.

ONE// Fieldstones 

Fieldstones is a great, homey bar and grille in Portsmouth. Get there early to get a table and order a local beer and the Patriot Nachos. Then, if you aren’t stuffed already, order a great meal made with local seafood, or one of their incredible pizzas. The staff is wonderful and the place has a local feel, with pictures and mementos of town history posted up on the walls.

TWO//Ragged Island Brewery 

A local brewery with a new location and some really awesome beer- Ragged Island is a must. I haven’t visited yet, personally, but it’s on my list. I do, however, have friends who buy growlers and bring them home just to have the beer on hand. From what I’ve read, the beer reminds folks of German and British styles while also having a wide selection of IPAs.

THREE// West Main Pizza

I can’t begin to count the number of times I’ve sat in the cracked booths of West Main Pizza. The buffalo chicken pizza was a regular part of my diet throughout high school and the taste definitely brings me back. Another local establishment, if you’re from the area then you can’t really walk in without seeing someone you know.

I love their pizza for the whole wheat crust and the variety of toppings and flavors on their menu. They are truly one of the greatest pizza joints around.

FOUR// Frosty Freeze 

While the ice-cream isn’t really anything special (locals, give me a break- it’s just Hershey’s brand!) this little stop by ice-cream shop is well loved. The lines that form on the first day of the season and the last are unbelievable, but after a trip to the beach or a walk downtown, it’s the perfect stop. The staff is incredibly friendly and quick, always serving with a smile.

FIVE// Anthony’s Sea Food

There are plenty of commercial seafood joints close to the water in Newport. However, Anthony’s Seafood is far superior to all of them, in my opinion. First, the fresh fish market is fabulous for bringing home seafood. Whenever we do family clam bakes, we buy them out. Then, dining in is just as amazing. They’ve been on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and have an incredibly reputation for fresh, tasty island meals. Their Portuguese fish chowder is a great twist on the traditional New England clam chowder and their lobster rolls are brilliant.

SIX// Ida’s 

This is my family’s favorite place for Italian food. It’s small and warm with hearty, wholesome meals and a great ambiance. Most nights, the owner is coming by to ask how your meal was and I can assure, your answer is always “amazing.” While Italian food is tried and true, Ida’s puts a new spin on traditional meals that everyone loves.

SEVEN// Mission Burger 

I remember my dad bringing my sister out to Mission Burger the first few weeks it opened. Everyone was raving about these burgers, their special sauce, and laughing about the fact that they were topped with clovers. With falafel added to the menu and incredible fries, there’s something for everyone at this little shop. Whether you’re dining in or taking out for a picnic, you’re guaranteed to be sitting full and satisfied within just a few bites.

EIGHT// Diegos

While Diegos will be crazy most nights, it’s worth the wait. The margaritas are incredible and the peach sangria has done me in a couple times (EAT before you drink). With some of the best fish tacos on the island, it’s a hard choice to decide on dinner. What’s not a hard choice- an order of crack fries, named such because they are so addictive. No meal is complete without them.

NINE// The Smoke House

If you’re looking for some good barbecue, the Smoke House is a great spot. The food is incredible and the selection is wide. A quick stop, right in the heart of downtown, and definitely worth checking out in the summer when the indoor/outdoor patio dining area is cool and breezy. While it’s another spot that gets busy, mid-week or off-season is ideal.

Did I forget any spots? What do you think? Whether you’re local or not, I urge you to look around & try something new. While Newport Restaurant Week just ended, the options on the island are still endless.

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