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Blogging for me, is a great creative outlet and a much needed hobby. I’ve been doing it for about two years now on this platform, with my own official website, and there are a few tools I constantly rely on. Whether you’re creating content, working with coding and systems, or simply getting your ideas out, there are tons of resources for bloggers to utilize. I love working with the five sites and sources below, and I hope you’ll consider giving them a shot.



ONE// WordPress


I have been using WordPress since the beginning. The platform is incredibly user friendly and the themes and blogs beautifully created. I know absolutely nothing about coding, and yet, I somehow have managed to figure out how to reformat images, add widgets, and create parent menus and categories. If anyone out there is looking to start a blog, I would highly recommend this platform.


TWO// Siteground


Two years ago I took the plunge (and paid the bill) to host my own blog, turning into a reality. Siteground has been an amazing host. The cost is incredibly reasonable, especially for the first year, and the customer service is fabulous. At one point, I made a coding issue that pretty much destroyed my site. Turning to Siteground, in a panic, they went in and restored everything for me. I didn’t even realize it was a service they provided! Overall, I have been incredibly impressed.


THREE// Google Drive


I’ve only recent begun using Google Drive, but once I made the switch, it became my new tool for everything. I love having it on my laptop and my phone, so I can make edits whenever and wherever. The fact that it updates in real time is amazing. Most frequently I’m making notes and planning posts in docs, but I also found a calendar template and have been planning my posting schedule that way. Everything is totally customizable and user friendly. Plus, it frees up space on your hard drive which is great.


FOUR// Lightroom


Another service I pay for yearly. If you’re looking to do so- Amazon sells a subscription card that sometimes goes on discount if you purchase through Amazon itself. Lightroom is a must for editing photos. I’m not an expert, by any means, and I find it an amazing tool. My photos are so much better because of it and I love having great visuals to go with my blog posts.


FIVE// Canva


Canva is a little known secret I will be raving about for as long as I’m online. This site is free, for the most part, and provides templates for Pinterest pins, Twitter banners, blog thumbnails, etc. I even recently made a logo! There are fabulous fonts to use and an incredibly easy format, allowing edits to be a breeze. I can spend hours on there, tinkering around. Definitely a creative person’s dream.


So tell me, did I miss anything? Are there any tools you swear by? Let me know if you try any of these out, and what you think! 





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