Best Ways to Avoid Sick Days

It seems that across the country, cold and flu season has hit particularly hard. Personally, I’m spending the majority of my time this semester in one of the most germ infested places imaginable- a fourth grade classroom. Our supervisors and professors warned us before we went into student teaching that inevitably, we would get sick. However, I’m trying my best to avoid this, and *knock on wood, have done so thus far. I wanted to share my top tips for preventing sickness. I hope that you can avoid those dreaded sick days that really are a pain to take.



ONE// Get Some Sleep


I don’t know if this just applies to me, but the minute I stop getting seven to eight hours of sleep a night, I get sick. Making sure your body is rested and ready to fight illness is one of your best defenses against getting sick. It might not be the easiest thing in the world, but paying attention to when you’re feeling run down and tired is critical.


TWO// Use Preventative Measures


I swear by Emergen-c, Zicam, and Zinc tablets whenever I feel a cold coming on. They might not be the best tasting methods, but they are incredibly effective. Furthermore, eating a balanced diet with plenty of vitamins and minerals will natural enhance your body’s defenses during cold and flu season. If you have the opportunity to stock up on vegetables and fruits.


THREE// Sweat it Out 


While I don’t advice working out while you’re actively sick, unless you have a home gym where you aren’t spreading germs, staying active is a great way to prevent sickness. Keeping your body fit and balanced is important, and sweating out any bad toxins in your body can do wonders. Try a hot yoga class, if you really want a detox!


FOUR// Keep it Clean


It’s important to keep a clean space with fresh linens and frequently vacuumed floors. True, this doesn’t necessarily only pertain to when you’re sick or trying to prevent sickness. It is, however, a great strategy to keep in mind during times you normally get ill. It’s easy to do, eliminating dust and bacteria from your living area, and sterilizing things you frequently touch (like handles). My suite mates and I  frequently spraying Lysol and using Clorox wipes around the dorm, making sure we’re all staying as healthy as possible.

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