9 Life Truths You Need To Hear Right Now

Without fail, I find that winter always puts me in a funk. It’s cold, dark, and for the most part, I never want to leave my bed. Without so little to do outside the house (other than freeze your butt off) I find that I’m stuck thinking more than usual. I get stuck on concepts and can’t let them go.


Lately, I’ve been noticing that everyone’s complaining more than usual. I’ve been making a conscious effort to do less myself, and even I’m failing terribly. That being said, I sat down to write this post, and found the words flowing easier than normal. I’ve complied 10 life truths that you (and I) need to hear right now. Moving forward, I want to act more frequently with these in mind.


ONE// You can overcome anything


Human beings have unimaginable strength. We may question it and deny it is there, but in the end, we have abilities that help us get through the toughest situations imaginable. A brighter day is ahead, no matter your struggle or circumstance. You have the power to overcome anything. 


TWO// You have a responsibility to be kind


As a general member of the population, you have a responsibility to be kind. There is a terrible amount of pain and suffering in this world, and while it’s not necessarily a solution, kindness certainly helps lessen the problem. It can be as easy as giving a smile, holding a door, or offering to help when you see someone who needs it. Truly, I believe that you don’t have a choice in the matter. It is part of your job on this planet to be kind to others, and the quicker you do so, the quicker you yourself will reap the rewards.


THREE// You must be capable of forgiveness


Holding a grudge will never be healthy. The benefits of forgiveness are undeniable, not only for your adversaries but for yourself. It might be more difficult, and every part of our instinct might fight against it, but living your life in scorn and anger will always do more harm than good. Letting go of the past allows you to focus on the future, to move on.


FOUR// You can only control yourself  


Often, my friends get stuck considering situations they cannot change. In these cases, I remind them: you can only control yourself. Worrying about things that others have done, or complaining about situations that you cannot change, will do nothing for you. Instead, focussing on yourself and your actions allows you to control and enjoy more. Situations are often less than ideal, and it’s incredibly frustrating when you change things. Instead, channel your energy into your own experiences and make sure you’re doing things with purpose.


FIVE// You can choose happiness


While emotions like sadness, loneliness, anger, and frustration are inevitable, you have the power to choose happiness. When a negative emotion arises, acknowledge it, and let it pass. Even if it takes a bit longer than you like, remind yourself that you will not be stuck in that state forever. Actively choosing happiness will allow you to focus on the positive things within your life, practicing gratitude. Furthermore, this positive state is contagious. It will spread to those around you.


SIX// You are your harshest critic


Chances are, when you feel like the world is watching you, nobody is. The things we do are often missed by others, yet we criticise and analyse every action we take. Practising self love will benefit your mood more than you can imagine, and giving yourself a break every once in awhile can do wonders. No one is perfect- it’s time we stop telling ourselves that we should be.


SEVEN// You must take care of yourself


Both mental and physical health are detrimental to living a good life. No matter what you may be facing, no matter how busy or difficult life may seem, taking care of yourself is always worth it. It can be as simple as getting outside, taking a minute to relax, or doing something that genuinely makes you happy. Stressing over work and to-do lists is pointless if you aren’t in the right state of mind, and accomplishing tasks is nearly impossible if you feel poorly. It might take a lifestyle change, and conscious habits, but it is worth the effort.


EIGHT// You have a responsibility to educate yourself


Issues are flying around right and left in today’s world. It is important to participate in the conversation and educate yourself on things happening in our society. Some think it’s easier to ignore it and let others find solutions. In reality, if everyone’s thinking that, then no one is taking action. As a part of this world, we are responsible for considering the difficult issues and for feeling bad sometimes about things we’d like to see changed. It’s true that the ‘little people’ can’t always change things in a drastic way. However, we all have a voice, and using it makes all the difference.


NINE// You have countless opportunities before you


My grandmother is constantly telling me to ‘grab everything’. It’s her favorite phrase, emphasizing the importance of taking every opportunity life presents you with. The limit does not exist (mean girls, anyone?) to the things you can accomplish when you put your mind to something and jump at a new experience that presents itself. Life is about taking chances.

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  1. Barbara Eyster wrote:

    What was number three? I like the ones you chose…all truths!

    Posted 3.8.18 Reply
    • lifewirthliving@gmail.com wrote:

      I miss-numbered! Guess I’ve only got 9 to share (so far) 😉 thanks for the heads up, and for reading❤️

      Posted 3.8.18 Reply


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