How To Have a Great Valentine’s Day

Let’s be honest here for a moment: the majority of the population can agree that Valentine’s Day sucks. Whenever I bring it up, the response always seems to be the same. Whether someone is in a relationship or single, across the board, the consensus is that no one likes Valentine’s Day. And why should they? It’s a consumer holiday that pushes adults to spend money on silly, overpriced chocolate, stuffed animals, and jewelry.

I’m working in a fourth grade classroom this semester and I have to admit, I am excited to make Valentines for my kids. However, other than that, Valentine’s Day might as well just be a regular Wednesday. Now someone might throw out the idea of Gal-entine’s Day, where you and your girlfriends go out and get margaritas, but that’s a normal weekend for me and my friends. Plus, we all have to be up at 6am the next morning and teaching is so much easier when you’ve gotten full night of sleep.

All reasoning aside, I don’t like that, for me, this holiday goes uncelebrated. I think life is too short to not celebrate every chance you have. So, I wanted to share a list of things that I believe will help you have a great Valentine’s day.

ONE// Buy Yourself Flowers

I love flowers. Having a pop of color in a room lights everything up, especially in the cold winter months. Buying yourself a bouquet is a simple action that will remind you to smile. When I was younger, my dad always bought me and my sister flower for Valentine’s day, and now I enjoy doing the same for myself.

TWO// Reach Out to Loved Ones 

I’ve been calling my family more frequently this semester, since I’ve been back at school, and every time I do I feel so much better afterwards. If Valentine’s day is a day about feeling loved, calling the people who do so unconditionally is the perfect way to ensure that you have a great day.

THREE// Eat Some High Quality Chocolate 

Forget the crummy, various chocolates you get in those cellophane wrapped red hearts. Instead, invest in some decadent dark chocolate that will satisfy your sweet tooth and stop you from feeling crummy afterwards.

FOUR// Pamper Yourself 

Because Valentine’s Day is a Wednesday this year, a chill night at home is going to be one of the best things you can do for yourself. Throw on a face mask (I would recommend this pretty pink one from Origins) and pour a glass of wine. I live with three of my best friends, so girl’s night is a give-in. If you can do the same, spend the night laughing and watching funny Youtube videos. The Try Guys are some of our favorites.

FIVE// Practice a Little Self Love 

I’ve been focussing lately on reminding myself how great I am. I know that sounds kind of funny, but I think as human beings, we should do so more often! Practicing self love, on a holiday dedicated to love, is incredibly important. Whether you have a relationship or not, loving yourself should come first.




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