New Year’s Resolutions

I’m the kind of person who lives for the start of the new year. For some reason, New Year’s Day feels like a complete reset. It’s an opportunity to consider what I’ve already achieved and to set new goals for the twelve months that lie ahead. I believe that as long as you’re taking steps to better yourself, then your efforts are always warranted. Recently, I’ve been trying to focus more on both physical and mental health, as you can see by many of my New Year’s Resolutions. I’m not sure that I worry about ‘breaking’ my resolutions, as if they are rules, but I do appreciate having something to look back on and remind myself of. That being said, here are my six resolutions for the new year.


ONE// Show Appreciation

If I’m being honest, the end of 2017 was a bit rough for me. Some things happened that I’m not ready to talk about on the blog yet, and I was definitely feeling a lot lower than I normally am. That being said, if there’s one thing I learned from the few difficult weeks I experienced, it’s that I have a lot of really amazing people in my corner.

I’m making it a goal for 2018 to show appreciation to the people in my life who go above and beyond, who constantly prove to me how much they care. Furthermore, I want to make sure I’m showing myself appreciation, and appreciating the moments and experiences I’m lucky enough to have in this life. We’ve all got plenty to be thankful for, and as my best friend Mackay would say, we’re all BLESSED. I think it’s time I start making a conscious effort to recognize that.

TWO// Workout Regularly  

This spring semester I will be in the classroom from 9-4 everyday. I know it’s going to be a change, but I’m also looking forward to having a more regular routine because I will be able to work in time at the gym. Personally, I exercise to unwind and strengthen myself, both physically and mentally. There’s nothing a good sweat session can’t fix, and as Elle Woods once said, endorphins make you happy! I am definitely making it a goal to be a regular at our campus gym this new year.

THREE// Eat Slower

I am a speed eater. I chow down standing up, leaning against the counter, in between classes, and it is so very bad for me. This is the one goal for the new year that I can imagine being very difficult. I know this will have to be a conscious effort. It’s funny writing about it, because it sounds so simple. I believe as long as I put my mind to it, I can make some progress with this one.

FOUR// Meditate Daily

One of my big focusses moving into the new year is mental health. It is so important to be able to listen to yourself and register how you are feeling. I have heard so many good things about meditation- a way to begin your day with focus and clarity, a way to relieve stress and relax. There are so many apps available nowadays, from Headspace to Calm to Mindfulness, that make meditation easily accessible. I’m making it a goal to meditate first thing in the morning, for ten minutes, every day. My hope is that I will see an increase in mental strength by adding this to my routine.

FIVE// Unplug Often

I’m pretty certain I spent a good portion of 2017 on my cell phone. Unfortunately, based on our society and culture, that’s the way it is nowadays. I’ve decided that, moving into 2018, I’m going to make a conscious effort to unplug from technology more often. One way to do so is to call or facetime rather than text when I want to reach out to someone. Furthermore, I’d like to find ways to fill my time rather than scrolling through social media feeds. I’m going to make sure that I have a book or journal with me, to fill the time.

SIX// Stay Food Conscious

College does terrible things to your diet. Dining hall food, late night pizza, stress eating- it all adds up to a pretty poor relationship with food. Because I will be finishing up college during the first part of 2018, I know that any larger diet changes will have to wait. However, I do want to stay conscious about the food I’m choosing to eat. I’ve heard a lot about the 80-20 approach when it comes to food. I believe that will help me moving forward: choosing fruits and vegetables and healthy carbs 80% of the time and indulging the other 20%. Personally, I find food resolutions particularly difficult to keep. So I’m taking the simple approach this year, in hopes that it’s something I can stick to.

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