Staying Active This Fall

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned that being active is really something I enjoy. Not only does it make my body feel healthy and strong but it really helps me keep a clear, stable mindset. There are so many different, fun ways to get exercise; it should be possible for everyone. That being said, I’ve compiled three of my favorite ways to get active this fall, in hopes of inspiring some of you.


ONE // Get Outside

Cool, crisp weather and beautiful, colorful scenery make for a wonderful day outside. Hiking, biking, and walking are some of my favorite activities to do out in nature. It’s great to get fresh air while staying active and moving. Most days, it doesn’t even feel like exercise, which in turn, is the best kind of exercise.


TWO// Join a Sport

My friends got me playing ultimate frisbee my sophomore year of college and it is so much fun. I love being on a team, and it’s great motivation to get active and stay fit. Even if you’re not a varsity athlete, there are plenty of club sports at the college level or even local leagues in your hometown. When you’re involved in an organized activity, having a great time, you forget you’re exercising.  


THREE// Take a Class

Sometimes when I’m at the gym, I get stuck staring at the machines, not knowing where to start. I hate leaving, feeling like I haven’t gotten a good enough workout in. However, when I take a zumba or yoga class, I always work my body to a point where I feel the good kind of sore the day after. It’s nice to have direction from an instructor and that extra push. It also helps to change things up, staying interested in staying active.


I’d love to hear your favorite ways to stay active- feel free to share them in the comments below. As for my tips, I hope some of them work for you.


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