Fall Bucket List

Today’s post is incredibly fitting seeing as today is the first day this season that has actually felt like fall! It is cool, crisp, and sunny outside and I am loving every minute of it. It’s been terrible: walking to class and sweating in the heat, but no more!

I am a fall fanatic and I don’t care how basic that makes me sound. Everything from the weather and the changing leaves to the activities we get to do- I’m all about it. There’s almost no better feeling than being outside, wrapped in a cozy sweater, hiking through a forrest of crimson trees. As we move into October (which is nuts, am I right!) I am planning outings for long weekends home and short weekends at school, filling up the time with as many fall activities as possible. Below, I’m sharing my ‘Fall Bucket List’ in hopes of inspiring some of you to do the same. I’ve included some of my favorite places to visit and favorite things to do. As I check items off, I’ll be posting about them here on the blog.

Anything I forget? Let me know what’s on your Fall Bucket List this year! 

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