College 101: Long Distance Relationships

This September I started my fourth year of college, which also means I started the fourth year of a long distance relationship. My boyfriend Jake goes to school in Florida and I am closer to home in Rhode Island. While it has been incredibly difficult to be apart, we’ve gotten pretty good at it. I never thought I would say that it gets easier, but it does, and there are a few things I try to remember when saying ‘see you later.’

I hope that if you’re considering a long distance relationship, you aren’t listening to everything you hear and/or read. A little while ago I wrote a blog post on my responses to questions people ask about long distance relationships, because it’s my experience that long distance relationships get a bad rap. However, they can work, and I hope these tips help.

ONE// Get In a Routine 

One of the best things to do when missing someone is to distract yourself. The quicker you get into a routine, the quicker you will feel normal again. It’s important to fill your time with things you like to do, things you enjoy. Jake and I have also established a routine for when we talk: texting good morning, snap-chatting throughout the day, and calling or face-timing before bed. It’s nice to have a schedule established, so you don’t have to be staring at your phone 24/7.

TWO// Communicate 

While it’s good to have a routine when it comes to communication, it’s also good to speak up whenever you feel you need to. One of the things Jake and I have always been good at is communication. If there’s ever anything bothering either of us, we say it. It’s important to be honest when you’re struggling or need a reminder that both of you are in it together.

THREE// Utilize Technology 

There’s no denying that technology has come a really long way. We don’t have to wait for letters,  or play phone tag over landlines. Cellphones allow you to communicate instantly. Jake and I have so much fun sending each other funny videos and pictures throughout the day, sharing songs and stories. I also discovered the app Couple which is a little cheesy but really fun to use.

FOUR// Share

Having a long distance relationship means you have a somewhat separate life from your significant other. However, it is important to share what’s happening day to day, even the small stuff. I’ve found it useful to make a note in my phone, recording things I want to tell Jake, after they’ve happened. Sharing your lives keeps you close, connected while there’s distance between you.

FIVE// Find the Bright Side 

I fully believe there is a bright side to a long distance relationship. Jake is a college athlete, which means his schedule is nuts, and I enjoy being overly involved on campus. Having a long distance relationship means you have time to yourself, to do your own thing. As much as I love spending time with Jake, I love having my own life, and devoting time to my own interests, and I know he would say the same. Being apart makes time together that much sweeter, but if you can make the most of your time apart, you’re going to be that much happier.

Do you have a long distance relationship? Do you have any more questions or thoughts? Feel free to comment below- letting me know your thoughts, or if any of these tips help you.


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