Winter Beach Walks

| Sweater: L.L. Bean | Denim Jacket: (Similar – L.L. Bean) | Flannel: L.L. Bean | Boots: Hunter |

The weather these past few weeks has been bizarre! It’s crazy how forty-five degrees can feel so warm. The other day it was a bit misty but such a pleasant temperature that Emily and I took a walk down to the beach at the bottom of our neighborhood. I’ve been coming to this beach since I was little, so it’s always held a soft spot in my heart. I loved growing up by the ocean, spending summers playing in the sand and boogie boarding in the waves.  I’ve always loved how large the world looks when you’re staring out at the open ocean.

That morning I was wearing this beautiful, oversized knit sweater I was gifted at Christmas from L.L. Bean. I’ve been loving the trend of chunky knits paired with denim recently; it’s so much fun mixing the different textures. Also, L.L. Bean makes such warm, comfortable, and functional clothing. The quality is always fabulous- it’s my first stop when getting anyone a practical gift I know they’ll love. The flannel I’m wearing above is their brand and has such a great, feminine fit.

I’m still trying my hardest to get outside whenever I can, no matter how cold the weather may be. I think everyone needs a little more fresh air, especially this time of year. What’s your favorite thing to do outside during the winter? Personally, I can’t wait ’til it snows.

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