Rainy Walks 


My dad and I took a rainy walk downtown the other night to do some last minute Christmas shopping, to grab a coffee, and to check out the decorations. The lights down by the harbor are always so beautiful and it’s nice to see the cobblestone streets and sidewalks fairly empty for a change.

I love living in an area where you can walk or bike places. I’ve discovered that driving and traffic make me anxious and angry, but being out in the fresh air makes such a positive difference in my attitude. As the weather gets colder, there’s much less to do in our little town, and we’re stuck inside a lot; there is only so much Netflix binge watching a girl can do. I’m making it a goal to get outside more, even if the weather is colder then I would like. I figure if I bundle up well enough, it shouldn’t be too bad. I can’t wait for it to snow, so our rainy walks can turn wintery.

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