School Days 

Whenever I’m given the opportunity to head home for a weekend, I take it. There’s something about getting away that is always so appealing. It’s also nice to come back to a place you’ve known all your life and see it with new eyes. Lately I’ve been wandering the streets of downtown Newport and noticing new beauty. There’s so much historic, colonial architecture: quaint little houses with front door steps perfect for sitting. I always drag my sister along. She’s become my residential ‘blog photographer’ and I think she’s pretty great. Also, I can get away with bossing her around.

As we’re getting more into fall, plaid is everywhere. From flannel shirts to wool skirts, the dark, rich colors are beautiful accents to any wardrobe. My skirt is actually taken from my grandmother’s closet. I really like pairing it with high-neck tops like the one I’m wearing above; it’s a perfect outfit for this transitional weather. My flats are from Old Navy and you can still get them here. They’re incredibly comfortable, along with being inexpensive and stylish.

I hope that fall has been treating you well. What activities have you been up to this month?


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  1. My sister is typically my blog photographer too! How neat!

    Posted 10.20.16 Reply

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