Caitlin’s Confections: Chocolate Bomb Cake 

 Stop and Shop makes a cake that my dad gets for all occasions. We call it the Chocolate Bomb Cake. However, sometimes we go to the store and they aren’t available. This was the case for my sister’s birthday in May. Without a cake to be bought, I had to recreate my own. It turned out so well, I did it again this past month.

To make the Chocolate Bomb Cake you need only a few ingredients:

– 3 layers of chocolate cake (I cheat and use a box mix)

– Instant chocolate pudding

– Whipped chocolate frosting

– Chocolate ganache

To construct, start with a layer of chocolate cake. Next spread the chocolate pudding and press another layer of cake on top. Then layer the whipped frosting and more cake. Spread chocolate ganache across the top so it drips down the sides. It may not be the prettiest cake you’ll ever see, but I can guarantee it’ll be one of the tastiest you’ll ever eat.

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