Newport International Polo 

I have very distinct memories from my childhood: stomping around a polo field while my family and friends tailgated behind. I remember when space used to be free and you could pull your car right up to the edge of the fence and plop down a picnic blanket. Things are a little different now, but we still come around to the same field once or twice every summer to see a polo match. Last weekend we brought some family who were visiting from Florida to experience the true Newport tradition. The little guys especially loved watching the horses and stomping the divots.

Newport International Polo is such an interesting event, where you can show up dressed in heels and hats or t-shirts and shorts. Your party can get buzzed on wine and brie or toast with beer and chicken wings. In my family, there’s always a little of both. Either way, last Saturday we were all together, dying in the 90 degree heat. Still, I can say with confidence that fun was had by all.

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