New England Aquarium 

The New England Aquarium is such a fun place to visit if you’re in the Boston area. There are so many different exhibits, including sea lions, otters, harbor seal, and a large ocean tank that stands three stories tall in the middle of the building! There is also a touch tank for rays and sharks which was incredible. We got to see a ray come above the water and spit at the person standing next to us.

A week ago when we visited, it was a bit crowded inside because of the crummy weather, but it’s easy to walkthrough and see all the exhibits. A lot of the species featured are local, because there are so many marine animals along New England’s coast. I, personally, don’t give too much thought to what’s living in the ocean down the street (partially because if I did I wouldn’t want to go swimming again) but nonetheless, it is important to be conscious of what other animals share this world. If you’re ever in Boston, the New England Aquarium is definitely worth checking out.

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