Prom Night







My little sister went to prom last night, which was crazy to witness, to say the least. My main thought: when in the world did she get this old?

Getting Emily ready for prom was so much fun. She wore a dress she had gotten for junior prom and never ended up wearing, did her own makeup, and then let me play around with her hair. Our first decision was small braids framing her face. Then, I was going to pull the rest of her blonde locks into an undo, but during our “we’re starving, let’s eat pizza” break, she decided she wanted pig-tails. So, I curled her hair and tied off her hair, wrapping bits of braided hair around each elastic. I’m glad she was so happy with the final style, I personally think she looked beautiful.

I will not be posting any photos from her photo session with her friends, for privacy reasons, but they all looked so wonderful dressed up. They’re growing up and joining the real world, heading off to different colleges and starting new adventures. However at this moment, their enjoying these last few memories they’re making together. I hope they’re taking it all in, because it goes by in a blink of an eye.

Next stop, graduation.

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